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I was fortunate enough to attend PopTech in Camden, Maine last October (2008), an annual conference that brings together an amazing array of leaders, thinkers, and doers from all walks of life. This year’s theme was “America Reimagined” – where presenters took a hard look at the  forces are reshaping the idea of America, its government’s contract with its citizens, its brand, and its role in the world.

Below are two videos worth watching (I dare say that all PopTech videos are worth watching).  The first is Michael Pollan, author of one of my favorite books and the subject of a recent PBS documentary, The Botany of Desire, a Plant’s-Eye View of the World, along with others well-known titles like  In Defense of Food and the Omnivore’s Dilemma. In the word’s of PopTech’s curator, Andrew Zolli, “Michael Pollan has changed, fundamentally, the way many of us understand what we eat, how it’s made, how it gets to us.”

Will Allen, former Procter and Gamble exec turned urban farming innovator, is the founder of Growing Power, a non-profit whose mission is to bring healthy, high quality, safe and affordable food to urban “food deserts”. What’s truly amazing about Allen is the virtuous circle he’s created with his farm on just two acres of land on Milwaukee’s northwest side, less than half a mile from the city’s largest public-housing project. The farm not only feeds 10,000 residents, but it employs loads of people from the neighborhood,  trains farmers in intensive polyculture techniques, and converts millions of pounds of food waste into a nutrient rich soil that can be circulated back to the farm.


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